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Facebook/Wordpress: Not retrieving email from verified account

Site: (Wordpress)

Wiped my Facebook permissions for the site to start from the beginning. When logging in through a Facebook account, it asks if it's alright to use name, profile picture and email. When confirmed, it comes back to:

You have successfully connected with Facebook!
We unfortunately could not retrieve your email address from Facebook. Please enter your email address in the form below in order to continue.

...then if I enter it, it says there's already an account with that email. Since I require a verified email, I have to stop there.

Best Answers

  • Hi Jason,

    it's possible that you haven't verified your Facebook account. In this case the email won't be used to link to an existing account. This is purely for security reasons.


  • Answer ✓

    Fixed it. I had to log in through Twitter, erase the Facebook account from OneAll, then link it to Facebook through the users screen not the login dialogue.


  • Hi Jason,

    could you please check if you have enabled this option in the Social Login settings in your WordPress admin area?

    • If the user's social network profile has a verified email, should we try to link it to an existing account?

    If this option is disabled, the plugin cannot log you in with an existing account, even if the email from the social networks matches an account in your datatabase.

    As the email must be unique, the user must enter a new email address to create an account.

  • Let's see... it is set to link to an existing account, so that much is good. I have an existing account with that email but it's still asking, so it looks like it's losing the email somewhere.

  • edited June 2018

    Okay, all the new users can get in, so there's at least that. When I go to Dashboard -> All Users -> my name -> edit, it shows no checkbox on Facebook. When I try to verify it that way it says "This social network account is already used by another user." I can see all 7 users and none of them except me have my email address.

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