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Invalid provider_connection_token specified returned from OneAll instagram login

edited June 2018 in Social Login

Hi guys!
We using direct connect and i noticed that sometime oneall returned Invalid provider_connection_token specified when user tries to login via instagram.
We are using instagram sandbox for now.
Here is the video how it goes:

Can you give us information about this error and why it happening?

Best Answer

  • Hello,

    thank you very much for the details.
    This error should now be fixed!

    Best Regards,


  • Here is some additional info on this issue that we're having:
    The error seems to only occur if the user is not already logged into Instagram on the current browser. If they are already logged in to Instagram, then social login with Instagram through OneAll works fine and redirects back to our application as expected.

    It is only when the user needs to enter their login information on this page ( that the error with an "invalid provider_connection_token specified" occurs. Let me know if that helps clarify why this issue is happening, and if it can be resolved soon.

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