Facebook keeps notifying me about 1. August 2018

I keep getting this notification;
App Review submission required by August 1, 2018 to retain access to Facebook Platform APIs
The Facebook App Review process and API permissions model have been updated. Learn more.
In order to maintain your current API access, your app will need to be submitted for review by August 1, 2018. If your app is not submitted for review by this date, you will lose access to the following permissions and features:


Please review the FAQ to ensure you request the correct permissions and features with your app review submission, and click on the relevant items in the list above to start the process.
If your app does not require the use of these permissions and features, no review is required, and no further action needs to be taken on your part.
For selected permissions and features, the app may also be required to be associated with a verified business, to complete App Review.

Should I start a submission, or edit some settings on FB, Oneall, or?

Thanks in advance.


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