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Drupal OneAll Social Login seems stuck at redirect

I have some users reporting an issue when they login where they basically get stuck. Here is the scenario I am currently troubleshooting:

Browser: chrome
Drupal 8 site latest version of OneAll Social Login
User goes to page they don't have access to and they click the "Connect with Google" button. Get a pop up with nothing on the screen, which is normal because they are already logged in to their email. Now, after this step the Access Denied page usually then goes to a onall page where you get the success message and then you are redirected to the page you were trying to access.

But, that isn't what happens. The user gets the pop up, but the Access Denied page doesn't redirect to OneAll. And they are seemingly stuck there. They can't login no matter how much they try or where they try.

My Social Login settings are set to redirect to the page they came from.

This user in question was last able to successfully login 6 days ago. This seems to be a sporadic problem. It's like some people are getting logged in, and others aren't.

Any ideas on what I can look at? Or why this might be happening?



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