Can the Social Login Link shows in every page?

Thanks for providing this amazing extension for phpbb. Yesterday I upgraded my phpbb / OA Social Login to 3.1.3. The new version is more pretty but the social login links only show in homepage & login page. I want them show in every page so I enter the ACP. However, I can't find the column to adjust it. Can you help me? Please~

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  • Bob_DamanBob_DamanMemberModerator
    edited February 2015 Answer ✓
    To show Social Login on every page you need to change the code like this:

    1) Open this file in your phpBB directory:

    2) Find this line
    // Embed on the main page

    3) Add this code above:
    $this->template->assign_var ('OA_SOCIAL_LOGIN_PAGE_CAPTION', 'Connect with your Social Network account'); $this->template->assign_var ('OA_SOCIAL_LOGIN_EMBED_SOCIAL_LOGIN', 1);



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