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How can I do to enable login my website with Google?


My name is Tristan Roch-Desparois. I admin TriPress, a social microblogging platform that I created with WordPress since sooner during this year :

I recently enabled OneAll Social Login plugin in my website. I chosen some social media that I will allow for log in my website, and I'd want allow Google among these services.

But for doing this, I need to create an app on API Oauth 2.0 service. I'm on the "library" page and now, OneAll says that I have to go on Social APIs / Google+ API link for continue to create my API.

But the problem is that in few months, Google+ will no longer exist as service (you have probably learned that Google will shut down its Google+ service), then I cannot use Google+ if I don't want that my website users have any problem to log in my website with Google.

It's why I'd like to know if there would be an alternative to Google+ for create my Social API for Google so that my website users can continue to log in my website with Google when Google+ will no longer be available.


  • Hi Tristan,

    the login with Google does not use a Google+, but a simple Google account. The type of account that you use to login to Adsense, Analytics ... So the login with Google will still work even after the shutdown of Google+.


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