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Twitter issue (SMF mod)

edited November 8 in Social Login

I got this. Then the instructions do not seem to apply as Twitter changed the app permissions and the old app is not functional anymore. I use Social Login 3.6

[Site:translatum] Could not connect to Twitter
Please verify the Twitter configuration in your OneAll account. If you are the owner of this website then you need to follow the setup guide available here: Setup Twitter Configuration
Additional Information
To fix this issue, please open the settings of your Twitter app and add the following value to the field Callback URLs:


  • Hi Spiros,

    please login to your OneAll account and open the settings of your Site.
    Then go to "Social Networks \ Twitter \ Setup Application Keys".

    You need to setup your app as described under point 3+4 otherwise you will receive the described error message.


  • edited November 8

    Did it, still same error. (Despite seeing: The API Settings have been verified and updated successfully! on SMF).

    This had been working in the past.
    Also, there seems to be confusion in the info, Twitter will migrate apps to currently I see my app in both ( as well).

    Also, this is nowhere to be found in the Twitter App:

    Disable/Untick the following option: Enable Callback Locking

    in there is only:

    App details
    Keys and tokens

    In apps.twitter there is:

    Keys and Access Tokens

    But no

    Disable/Untick the following option: Enable Callback Locking

  • Hello,

    we are currently revamping the Twitter setup guide!


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