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Mybb Google Register page not functioning

Good day,new users are unable to register a new account on my forum. However, if the user already has an account he/she is able to login just fine. I went to the oneall social login settings and discovered that the register page is meant to show "Register with your social network account" instead its showing "Connect with your social network account" which seems to insinuate that it doesn't see my Register page as the actual Registration page, rather as just any other page. my site is . I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks.


  • Hello,

    could you please try to login once again and then check if you have any errors in your PHP error logs?


  • Thanks for your reply, the problem is that a new user cant register with his google accounts. This is because after he clicks on Connect with social network and selects the account, nothing happens. Its like it just refreshes the page. And i dont know how but you did register. Theres no problem with the login. It works fine, its the register that is the main thing.

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