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how to whitelist a site


  • Hello,

    1) Login to your OneAll account
    2) Go to the settings of a site
    3) Look for "Allowed Domains" in the left navigation bar


  • Hello,
    I have 2 sites, one in the root ( , the other in a folder (

    Can we add domains like this:

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    you only need to add this:

    This covers all folders and files under the domain.


  • edited December 2018

    thank you
    But I did that ; so the main domain is working but not subdomains

    I did like this:

    but not working for subdomains , message:
    "[OneAll] To enforce the security of our services we require each domain to be whitelisted. Please click here to open your security settings and whitelist the domain Clear your browser cache and reload this page afterwards."

  • Hello,

    you said that you have whitelisted these:

    The error message however indicates that you have opened this one:

    So this one needs to be whitelisted too.

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