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OneAll Social Login, "Administrator Emails" in English only in Presta Shop, how to change templates?


I installed addon and configured this for Facebook now, and all works but there is a problem with email templates which are sent after user registration. My shop is only in polish language, and I think I have my own store template because in translations I have “default-bootstrap” and second one with the same name as my store. I checked system email templates for both, and email templates for default template and my own are all in polish. I see my store use this custom (my own) template. So after registration of an user I receive these emails, with password (email template “account”) and confirmation, in general schemes look the same as polish templates, but all text is in English. I don’t understand from where it takes these, if default emails templates are too in polish, and how to change it ?

The problem is with “Administrator Emails” and „Customer Emails”

This is Presta Shop


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