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Missing configuration

Good day, OneAll!

We've recently started using the single sign on plugin for a number of wordpress websites.

For most of these websites, the plugin works rather well. But one of our staging environments doesnt show the plugin configuration in the back-end of wordpress.

We tried quite a lot, de-activated tons of plugins, tried enabling a default theme, different browsers, checked my chrome inspector javascript console and nothing strange showed up.

Link to image:

When pressing the "Setup Single-Sign On" button, the page is reloaded but nothing new happens and we're presented with the same view.

Help would be truly appreciated.


  • Hi Ikaro,

    thank you very much for using our Single Sign-On service.

    Please note that as a paying customer you are entitled to use our priority support.
    For this simply open a new ticket in your OneAll account. The support forum here is aimed towards our free users.

    Have you been able to find the issue?


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