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Placing a custom button for login

I've tried using {$oa_login_other_page} and it gives me a bar reading "Connect with your social network account" and an empty box below it. I found that on google.

I've tried using {$oa_login_custom} and that just creates a black space. It obviously modifies the area because it makes the div expand, but nothing actually shows up.

I know I am putting the code in the right spot, and when I was intending to replace my Login and Register buttons in the navbar I did just that and replaced with with one of those at a time. The results were as stated. I either had the box, or nothing, but never a clickable button.

I refer to this plugin as a button because I only intend my users to login via steam. Thus why I am trying to install this.

Edit : I'm running MyBB, I just noticed there was a specific board for that. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question.

Best Answer

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    I can see the steam login on top of your forum.

    You can reduce the height of the icon container by using a CSS style like this:

     height: 34px;



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