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Grabbing SteamID during registration?


I am currently using oneall to provide easy login for steam users as I am using OpenCart as a store for in-game items for a Garry's Mod gaming server. I currently have a custom field set up in Opencart for SteamID so rewards can be distributed to players in-game based on the steamid tied to a customer's account.

Question is, is there a way to get the SteamID from Oneall and insert into or fill the SteamID custom field during registration?


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    please open this file of the plugin:

    Then look for this function:
    protected function create_customer($data)

    There you can loop through $data['user_accounts'] which will
    contain the details that you are looking for.

    After this line:
    $customer_id = $this->model_account_customer->addCustomer($customer_data);

    You should add your programming to tie the SteamId to your customer.

    If you have a paid plan, I can also workout a working code for you.

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