LoudVoice in the built-in browser Telegram

Hi, Dear Developer!

Before I tell you about my problem, I will tell you how to use your commenting system.

I have a podcast in Telegram. On my site (Wordpress), I create a post with comments and leave a link to it in Telegram.
That is, my listeners get to the comments via Telegrams. On mobile devices, Telegram opens all links via the built-in browser. At least on the iPhone. I can not test Android.

It is in this browser that Telegram has a problem. The comment sending button is not pressed the first time, it does not work.
Button screenshot: http://prntscr.com/ngdkmv

If you press this button many times, it will work.

I understand that the problem described by me is on the side of Telegram, but I very much hope that you can influence this button for your part. I cannot write to Telegrams with this problem.

For your convenience, I made a test record: http://bb.kennelcrew.ru/?p=26
If you copy the link and send it via Telegram, then it will also open on the mobile device in the embedded browser.

Russian is my mother tongue. I wrote this text with the help of Google Translator. If any parts remain unclear - I will gladly try to explain them. It would be more convenient to do this in Russian, but I will try in English if necessary.

I really hope for your help - my podcast cannot be without comments.


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