I want users to have both email + social option

On your own signup page https://app.oneall.com/signup/ and signin page https://app.oneall.com/signin/ you give us a very clear choice between logging in via email or use one of the social media.

I want the same on my Wordpress site. How do I implement this option:

Sign in with your social network account
Sign in with your email address


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    According to support, this was not possible on my plan. I really feel it should be a out of the box feature to be able to make a login page like the one Oneall has itself.

    That said, I managed to recreate that look with Beaver Builder for Wordpress, but I had to have the oneall login in one column, and then make another and insert another signup form. So basically offering two signup forms, instead of letting the user choose between both via the oneall interface.

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