API not clear

I am not sure, but I have been trying the API (PHP-API) and basically I have no idea whether I should use this or just the social networks themselves.

I can connect to Twitter and Facebook right now. For which I had to both had to create an application which is the whole point of doing this. Instagram I couldn't add because that is deprecated. But let's go for Twitter and Facebook first.

I suppose this means I need to have two user_tokens one for Facebook and one for Twitter, right?
When I try to ask the API about the latest I got back, it says it doesn't know that one.
But how can I be sure which it is? I have a user table and an oneall table. So I have one record in the user table, and two records in the oneall table both associated with the one user.

It is just that I really don't know which ones I have connected to, so the user doesn't get any feedback to which ones are connected.

Right now, I just want to resort to connecting to each network without Oneall although I can see added value from Oneall.
It seems it is just too hard to figure it out :(

Does anyone want to respond to my issues?



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