prestashop facebook login

I have enable facebook login on my site, and it works. Login successfully.

Couple of issues. The verify api connection doesnt work. I have checked with telnet and can make a connection with 443. Manually select 443 and curl. Login works.
Second issue is, if i logout, and click log back in, it does not work. I'm not sure if there is some time limit with api but normally after a few minutes i can login again with facebook.

Any help much appreciated. Running latest version of prestashop and oneall module.


  • DamienDamienMemberAdministratorOneAll Team


    It can happens that the connection test is not working because on some plugin it using a different url for testing. We will update this as soon as possible. The best thing to do is to test directly Social Login instead only check the connection test result.
    About the logout problem, do you have an error ? If yes, is it on Facebook or on your website directly ?

    Best regards,


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