Error Integrating O'neIll with Facebook

I can't connect Facebook to OneAll. I am integrating the website exactly. I made the connection according to the instructions and it does not work. I get a message when logging in "Facebook Login is currently unavailable for this app, since we are updating additional details for this app. Please try again later." At Facebook developer, I only download the most important data: name and e-mail address. I have the impression that OneAll is getting too much data from the user and that is why I am getting an error. How can I reduce the scope of data downloaded by OneAll?


  • DamienDamienMemberAdministratorOneAll Team

    Hi Adam,

    If you're getting the "Facebook login is currently unavailable" most of the time, it means that you didn't add the Facebook login product to your Facebook application or it is miss configured. OneAll is asking for only default required scopes for login, and you have the possibility to ask more scopes in your OneAll account (in the provider page click on Change Requested Data) but your application will also have to be able to get them and so it will need to be reviewed by Facebook.

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