OneAll is going to update their internal procedures to adapt to the new Twitter API v2 changes?

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Looking forward to the changes on the Twitter API in the upcoming days, we wanted to ask if you have any plans to update your internal procedures to format the API responses from them as they’re changing some of those API responses.

In our case there’s a change that might affect how the metrics are being pulled for any tweets, currently they use this object to return the likes and retweets

  "retweet_count": 111160,
  "favorite_count": 98090,

retweet_count is what we use for shares and favorite_count is what we use for likes, but this will be deprecated anytime, in the v2 of their API they send this info like this:

"data": [
    "public_metrics": {
      "retweet_count": 7,
      "reply_count": 3,
      "like_count": 38,
      "quote_count": 1

Are you planning any updates to adapt to these changes in their API? We’re using this endpoint to pull tweets: /pull/identities//twitter/tweets.json
Let us know if you need any other info.

Thanks in advance!


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