unlink social account

Is it possible to unlink social accounts directly in your system and not by clicking on the linking button in our wordpress system?


  • Hi,
    Not really.
    There is a way to do this programmatically, by writing some script.

  • Would you tell us how?
  • We can give you indications.
    What do you want to do? Remove all linked social accounts from all users? Or keep one social network linked?
  • We'd like to selectively remove some linked users found in https://app.oneall.com/insights/user-explorer/, not all. This is used in the situation when people can't connect their social account because it has been linked before.
  • Thanks for the clarification.
    Is the situation you describe created when an existing Wordpress user created another account via Social Login, but now wants to link their social account(s) to their original, existing, account?
    (sorry for all the questions)
  • We've set up social login in a beta site before and now moved to our real site. Then I found that some people will not be able to connect again because their social accounts have already been linked in the beta site. If there's a simple way to unlink these accounts it'll be great and save the trouble to ask these people to unlink manually again.
  • Hi,
    Ah, thanks for the details. This is a different situation.
    When moving the user data from the old site to the new site, did you copy the user meta data too? This user_metadata holds the link information from our services. (if they are missing, the Wordpress plugin connects to our service which replies that the account is already linked, and you stuck). The metadat is stored in a table inside the Wordpress database.
    Alternatively, if the list is short, we could delete the users here. (send the email addresses by email, or this forum's private message).



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