How to refresh users' info?

Hi, guys, is there a way to refresh users' info using API?

Some of my users' social data are pretty outdated. So I want to update them.

I tried to import from access token but it always gives me a 503 (only happens for linkedin token).

Thank you very much!

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  • Hi,
    You could use the connections endpoint (with the connection token, so at login) or the user endpoint, with the user token.
    Alternatively, you can even use the users endpoint, to get them all.

  • Thank you for your reply! Appreciate it!

    So, you mean, if I use the endpoint like /users/.json it will retrieve the latest data of this user?

    But in my case, I tried to retrieve a user's linkedin detail with this endpoint, somehow, the recommendation's profile img in this user's linkedin detail use an old linkedin CDN.
  • Hi,
    Oops, my mistake, you only get the user tokens. You need that to call the detailed users endpoint for the details.
    The profiles only get updated when the user logs in. Is it possible that user did not log in since changing his profile?
    Otherwise, we'll have to investigate more.
  • In my case, there's a possibility that user didn't log in for a month or something. If linkedin changed their CDN during this period and I still using the old CDN, it will show a broken img in my website. Which is not looking good.

    So, I'm curious if there's a way to refresh their data using user tokens?
  • Hi,
    Hum, there is a way, but unfortunately not for Linkedin, which is the social network profile you are interested in.

  • Hi Fred,

    Thank you for your info. Appreciate it!

    I'm still interested in updating info for other social network.

    Would you mind to give me a hint?

    Thank you!
  • Cool!! Thank you!!

    I have another question about linkedin, should I open a new ticket about it? Or just here?

    The issue is, some of my user login with linkedin, but the info about them is not complete. For example, one user have 6 experiences, but in oneall only get one. And he can't even get any education info.
  • Hi,
    Yes, it would be better to ask in another post.

  • Thank you so much Fred!

    I still have some confusion about this partial info thing. I will open another ticket about it.

    Thank you very much! Really appreciate it!


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