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wordpress avatar question

Your wordpress plugin replaces the default avatars used in the system with social network avatars. (which is totally okay for me)
I need to use the social network avatar of current user in my wordpress theme, as they login.

If i use the function:
get_avatar( $current_user->ID);
Everything is okay – i get the avatar from social network inside the image tag.

But if use the function:
get_avatar_url( $current_user->ID);
In return i receive the URL of the default Gravatar and not the Social network avatar URL.

How do i get the URL of the social network via your plugin?
I haven't found anything like it in the documentation

Best Answer

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    found the solution!

    i have dublicated function oa_social_login_custom_avatar in user_interface.php

    and modified the return:

    return $user_picture;

    now it replaces the get_avatar_url function


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