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  • Test_Test
    Remove the code,Already reply in the email,kindly check.
    June 24
  • Andy_Clarke
    Hi there
    It doesn't happen all the time just every now and then
    I prefer my website not to be shown in forums as have had a bad experience once before but it's www.pewterworld.co.uk if you would like to take a look
    Thanks for the help too
    April 3
  • Satya_Van_Heummen
  • Jasmeet_Sachdeva
    Hi Claude

    I was finding solution on google and found out that we need to add cookie Manager to share the cookie with the webview. However, not able to apply the same on to the OAManager. Please test and let us know if you are able to implement the method on your sdk.

    Jasmeet Sachdeva
    April 2016
  • Jasmeet_Sachdeva
    Hi Claude

    Can you please let me know how to skip the OAManager activity and directly move to the Webview activity if the user is already login. I used if statement with intent to check the Access-Token of NativeLoginRequest, if the user if first timer then it will show OAManager page to login to the app otherwise move to 3rd activity(Webview activity).

    please find the snippet below :
    private void updateWithToken(NativeLoginRequest.Request.User.Identity.Source.AccessToken accessToken) {
    if (accessToken != null) {
    OAManager.getInstance().login(MainActivity.this, loginHandler);
    } else {

    Intent i = new Intent(MainActivity.this, Main2Activity.class);

    In this I am unable to declare my "updateWithToken" to the splashscreen activity final declaration.

    Jasmeet Sachdeva
    April 2016
  • Ime_Asangansi
    Hello Claude

    I have a major issue on my site, i am using "social login" to link clients data to my site, unfortunately the login page has two sets of buttons after successful install and config. kindly visit my site ( http://nigeriacme.com ) and click on the login tab and see visuals to my issue.

    I anticipate your response.

    Nigeria CME
    September 2015