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  • Yes that fix was from me... I have re installed but it is still not working
  • Sigh ..I'm back lol Thought I would try Twitter log in today and ended up with a error page again I haven't made any drastic changes to my website in a long while, only to product.tpl First thing I did was to download the file again from Github …
  • Hi there , thanks for trying to help Added the snippet . I now get a blank white page with bool(false) on the top left corner
  • Been told it may have something to do with outdated php.. Is there any chance the 1.6 version can be updated so it works correctly ... Although I am using a Fork of prestashop called Thirty Bees
  • I have since decoded the message from prestashop and get this Decoded exception Too few arguments to function ToolsCore::redirect(), 0 passed in /home/pewterwo/public_html/modules/oneallsociallogin/controllers/front/register.php on line 161 and …
  • Can anyone help please.. Have had to disable module for now
  • OK ..After spending literally hours getting these working. I have received a email saying something is wrong . I have logged in and tested them and they say everything is OK.. Although I do admit every time I try log in it goes though the motions…
  • Thank you , Will try and find out .. I absolutely hate the way these sites work with authorizing .. Would be so much easier if it were a straight forward list
  • Hi Any idea as to what could be causing the reloading issue ....Have sent a PM
  • Thanks, I thought it was that ,just couldn't remember how to find it and what to do Have sent a PM in regards to website


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