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  • Thanks a lot !
  • Hi ! Since the Blubrry API exists, is there a possibility that this network can be added on OneAll?
  • Hi ! There the link for the Blubrry's API : For Tik Tok, I'm not sure, on google there seems to be several versions, but unofficial, however this website seems to offer one: https://www.adve…
  • It's ok for the num_pages setting ! But now, Facebook asks me to make a video of the process of connecting to their API using OneAll to show how to validate permissions for Instagram. I simply can't get the form when connecting to a Facebook acco…
  • I'll check with my developer and come back to you! Thanks for the doc!
  • I have a customer who has more than 30 Facebook pages on his account and he was limited at first because Facebook allowed us to search only 25 pages in the list. He therefore wanted to remove some unnecessary pages to link with our platform to optim…
  • Oh okay so if I understand correctly, is it completely normal for that to happen? If I want to revoke access to certain pages only, I no longer have this feature either when the connection is made directly. How could I proceed to do this? Before I c…
  • X user_birthday X user_friends X user_posts X email X read_insights X manage_pages X pages_show_list X instagram_basic X instagram_manage_insights public_profile public_profile is the only one who doen't have an 'X' to de left. Can it be…
  • It wasn't that after all. I reactivated the OneAll application and it didn't change anything, I had the same problem. I then deleted the application and the same thing, the connection was made directly. I have nothing else in my Facebook account tha…
  • Oh I think I found the problem, in Facebook, the App OneAll is expired since May 22, 2019... It tells me that the app hasn't been used for a while, is there any way that this value can be updated manually when our users log in to their account?
  • Any news about my problem with the video ?
  • Thanks, I get it. I made this video to show what is my problem when I select Instagram's Permissions in Facebook : 'Read Instagram Accounts' OR 'Read Instagram Insights' As you can see, when one of the rig…
  • I deleted my direct Facebook access and it didn't ask me anything again? And here since I don't have the "Complete Plus data" plan, I can't reactivate Instagram for Facebook. If I change my plan, will my current subscription be credited and you w…
  • @Claude_Schlesser : That's exactly the problem! The connection is made without asking for anything. But right now I can't test it all again because my plan doesn't allow me to activate these options anymore. I would have liked to have been notif…
  • Hi ! Any news about this problem ?


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