Facebook login icon not showing up

edited April 2016 in Opencart
Hello, I followed all of the instructions and put everything up. But the social login is not showing. Please check out:


on the registration and login pages there is the social login heading but there are no icons.

What could be the problem?

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    The problem is that Journal 2 theme minifies javascript files, but our JS does not work that way.

    A workaround is to manually include the JS to your header.tpl, by adding this line:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://contactgift.api.oneall.com/socialize/library.js"></script>
    in the header section, so before </head> (line 101 in your file).
    (assuming contactgift is your Oneall application subdomain)

    We are also looking into modifying our module to work with those themes.



  • Hi,
    The plugin JS llibrary is not included in the login page.
    Maybe a custom theme does not add the required JS that the plugin needs.

    If you are using a custom theme, could you send us (by email) the file header.tpl for your theme?

  • Hello, I sent the header.tpl file to your email. Please notify me if it is possible to add the icons
  • Thank you, it works now!
  • Hi,
    For information, the latest version of the our Opencart plugin now includes a fix for the orignal problem of the post.



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