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Redirect not working after log in with facebook for the first time


after first time log in with facebook, we get redirected to this
the user is created and when i reload the page it goes to the user profile like it normally would.

Like i said, this only happens on first time. Help please.


  • edited August 2017
    Hi Vito,

    this seems like you have added a print_r or var_dump to the code.

    Please open the file communication.php of the plugin and search for print_r or var_dump and remove the code. There is probably also an exit that interrupts the execution of the script.

    This is not part of the standard plugin, so it's something that you have manually added.
  • Thank you for your response, but i have not edited your files.
    I may have added some of my own files and scripts, which i believe were all commented out or deleted, back when i was still trying to edit some things.
    I tried deleting the plugin and re-installing it, the problem persists. Any more ideas maybe ?
  • Hello,

    then please check the functions.php file of your theme and search for print_r or var_dump.
    Maybe you have added a filter for the plugin there.
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