Extension update from 2.8 to 3.4 failed (phpBB 3.2.1)

I have extension version 2.8, which i disabled. Then emptied the phpBB cache. Deleted old folder via ftp, uploaded version 3.4 and enabled it from the ACP, which gave me an error of "Module already existing: OA_SOCIAL_LOGIN_ACP".
I reuploaded the 2.8 version and reverted to using it without problems.

How to proceed for successfull version update to 3.4?

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  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
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    Hi Sten,

    you should be able to upgrade it without actually wiping it if you launch the query that I posted ;)



  • Is there any solution to this?
  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    edited October 2017
    Hi Sten,

    you need to fully remove the older plugin (uninstall/delete) before uploading a new version.

    To get rid of the error you can execute the following query in your database:
    DELETE FROM `phpbb_modules` WHERE `module_langname` LIKE 'OA_SOCIAL_LOGIN%'

    Please note that the table phpbb_modules might have a different name in your database if you are using a different prefix.
  • So does this really mean, I have to delete all extension data and basically start from scratch with configuring the extension from the zero? That is not good upgrade policy, i should say. Previous versions it was sufficient just to disable and delete the plugin files from server without actually wipeing all data.
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