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How the Heck do you cancel service!

I Canceled my service in January 2018 and it was scheduled for deletion on February 1, 2018. I also deleted the service off my server at the same time. This is a Beta site and not a production Site. I was billed through PayPal February, March, April, May and then I finally Found the PayPal subscription and Canceled it. Now I am getting email notices my account is past due for June. I responded to the first email explaining the situation thinking this would resolve the issue. I just got a second notice. I can not find any other way to contact for cancellation It should have canceled in February and I should not have been charged for February, March, April, May. Please Cancel me.


  • Hi Sean,

    I could not find any tickets in our system.
    Have you opened a support request?


  • The only place I could find for support other than this forum was under contact us which I sent a request around January the same time I canceled my Site which as seen above was slatted to be deleted February 1 2018. It is now 5 months after I have been charged each month and today got my third email saying my payment for this month is past due.

  • I do not know or can find how to add a ticket to your site. I have Deleted and canceled using the cancel delete button on the site. I sent a message through the Contact US, I responded to the overdue payment letter and as a last resort I posted here the only place Support takes you to.

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