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login doesn't work after redirecting

Hello, I'm using prestashop and oneall module for login, but when I tried it, nothing happened after redirecting.
my website is

I configured the module without doing autodetect API connection and verify the API setting, because it took too long, like ever. Was it because of that?
Thank you


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    Hi Rizet,

    if the Autodetect/Verify takes very long than it's very likely that your server blocks outbound HTTP requests (from your server to ours).

    Please make sure that your firewall does not block outbound requests on both ports 80 and 443. One of these ports must allow outgoing requests (from your server to ours) so that the plugin can establish a communication with our API.

    If you have access to the console of your server you can test if outbound requests are allowed by using this command: telnet 443

    If the port is open then you should obtain a result like this:

    ~$ telnet 443
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
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    thank you, I asked my hosting provider, they said port 443 is blocked, and I don't know what they did but I checked on the module configuration again, now the green is shown.

    So I tried to login on my web, with fb and google+, but still nothing happened after redirect. I wasn't logged in.
    I tried it on firefox and edge

    What should I do?

  • Hello,

    could you please click on the Autodetect/Verify buttons in the social login settings and confirm that you have a green success message for both tests?

    After the tests, please also save the settings!


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    yes, the green success appeared for both. but still after redirecting nothing happen

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