Instagram's new API with Facebook

Hi, since November 2018 we have to implement the new Instagram's API directly with Facebook. To have final validations by Facebook, we have to show to Facebook how the user will be connected by OneAll. I send a ticket to know when the Instagram permission will be added in the OneAll Facebook integration page, but I didn't have answers since December. So, I want to know if you had some news about this.

Thanks for your help.

Christian H.


  • ClaudeClaudeAdministratorOneAll Team

    Hi Christian,

    yes, it's on our roadmap and your ticket has not been forgotten.

    We currently update Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.
    Once this has been done Instagram will be next.


  • Oh thanks !

    If you are updating Facebook, I suppose it will be done at the same time because Instagram will be in the Facebook API now?

  • I'm asking my question again, but the implementation of Instagram will be done with the Facebook API now, have you already planned to add it when you next update Facebook? I really need this feature and I've been contacting you about it for months. I would really like to know if you know when you will be able to put this online please?

  • Do you have any news about this case?

  • ClaudeClaudeAdministratorOneAll Team
    edited May 24

    Hi Christian,

    could you please tell me which features exactly you need?

    The Facebook Instagram API is destinated for the usage with Business/Creator accounts.

    The API cannot be used to access non-Business or non-Creator Instagram accounts. If you are building apps for non-Business or non-Creator Instagram users, use the Instagram Platform API instead.

    If your usage is mainly for personal accounts, then the current API will do the trick.


  • For now, we only need this access :


    In the Facebook API.

    We will only be able to validate this access with Facebook when OneAll allows us to check this permission in our Facebook's settings. We must show a video to confirm that our users have to accept the terms and conditions and access that we request.

    We cannot use the Instagram API directly for our needs. The Instagram Platform API is deprecated. It doesn't matter to us if they're a business or creator users.

    Thanks for your help !

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