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  • Hi Shane, you need to use CSS to set the height of the div that contains the iFrame. As far as I can see you have already added this style: div#oa_social_login_container { position: relative; top: 147px; } You need to change it like t…
  • Please open the plugin settings in your Prestashop admin area, tick CURL and HTTPs as API Connection Handler and then save your settings. Do not use the Autodetect button. Then please try if it works on the frontend of your shop.
  • There are no invoices or payments in the account with the subdomain followit. Could you please submit a ticket here? Our billing team will the investigate the issue.
    in Upgrade Comment by Bob_Daman March 2015
  • You can use a shortcode to manually add the icons. Please have a look here:
  • Hi Pascal, I already answer your support ticket. My question was if you have downloaded the plugin from our website here?
  • The easiest solution is to use one of our turnkey plugins: If we have no turnkey for your platform yet, then you can also use our implementation guide:
  • Hi Arndt, the social networks require each webmaster to register his website before being able to use their services. We have tried make it as easy as possible by providing setup guides, but there is no way around the initial setup. If you open…
  • Hi Fred, the first problem is probably due to your Internet connection, I unfortuantely cannot help you with this one. For the second problem I've had a look at your account and the IP is indeed whitelisted. You probably need to refre…
  • Could you please a post a direct link to that site? I need to have a look at the CSS/HTML.
  • Hi Kristoff, Yahoo unfortunately seems to have some issues with their API Setup. I just gave it a try and the CSS is missing on their pages. It however worked when I clicked on the buttons. Could you give it another try please?
  • Hi Andy, the second set of buttons has been added with a shortcode. Either remove that shortcode or open the Social Login settings in your WordPress admin area and set this option Do you want to display Social Login on the login form of your blog?…
  • Hi Luca, please have a look at the following hook: If you are using the free version of our services, then you can only use CSS served from our CDN:…
  • Hi Giacomo, please have a look at the first answer here: Does that suit your needs?
  • Hi Shilpam, user_hometown is an extended permission, you must ask Facebook to review you app before being able to get it: Regards,
  • Hi Fredrik, please send us the request to our support system and we will take of it: Regards,


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